The Reservoir Geomechanics and Seismicity Research (RGSR) Group at The University of Oklahoma is the largest reservoir geomechanics research group in North America. The director of RGSR is Prof. Ahmad Ghassemi, a widely recognized geomechanics specialist with extensive teaching and research experiences of more than 20 years. 

The RGSR develops and applies new knowledge of geomechanics and rock mechanics through experimental and modeling activities to develop solutions for a variety of engineering problems related to conventional and unconventional reservoirs and geothermal systems, such as hydraulic fracturing, induced seismicity, wellbore stability, DFIT, injection geomechanics, EGS development, etc.  

We are working with the RGSR group to bridge the gap between completion design and reservoir engineering by combining our advanced reservoir simulator (OpenSim) with their state-of-the-art hydraulic fracturing simulation technology.

For more information on the RGSR joint industry project contact Prof. Ahmad Ghassemi.