OpenSim Res & StudioSL Integration

 We are pleased to announce that we are able to provide OpenSim as part of the StudioSL platform, from StreamSim Technologies.

StudioSL is a platform that allows reservoir engineers to conduct uncertainty analysis, history match and optimization workflows using streamlines simulations (see webpage link below for further details). By using the integrated solution, StudioSL users can now run those same workflows using our 3D finite-difference simulator OpenSim, capable of running black-oil simulations standalone or coupled with geomechanics.


Below, we display some snapshots of StudioSL with validations cases (SPE1, SPE9, SPE10, Brugge) comparing OpenSim with Eclipse 100,  and additional results for unconventional reservoirs as well as examples of coupled flow/geomechanics. We also show some snapshots of StudioSL History Match workflow using OpenSim as wells as the Streamlines generation and Well Allocation Factor calculation logic from StudioSL.


Visualizations are all made with StudioSL